January23 COMPROMISE METAL FEST (Belgium): Sponsoring and Donation Campaign

A note from David & Christine, organisers of NOCOMPROMISE METAL FEST (Belgium)

“Many of you know about the extra costs we had to bear concerning the last edition of No Compromise Metal Fest.

We now find ourselves at level zero for the festival because with the costs we had, since the first one, we never had income, be it when we used to do the fest to the previous place and for the fourth edition this last october 2016.

We have put all of our money into this fest, offered a ridiculous entrance’s price each time and even did two events totally free entrance, owners always got all profit of the drink… and now the fest will even be more costly because we would have more people to pay for security etc…

Now, we have a date set, already have few amazing bands for a future line up, but money is missing.

Because many people asked us to try to save the fest, and of course we are not, ourselves, about to give up, we have been told we should try to find sponsors/personal donations. We both feel annoyed but we have found out this is maybe a solution in order to be back this year in 2017.

For this purpose, if you have a record label, a bar/club, distribution, a company of any kind, please get in touch with us for more info about what we can propose in return.

For personal donation, your names will appear on a public list (if you agree with it), according the amount of the donation, special gift will be given too. At last, if you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For sponsoring/personal donation, get it touch only through: perseverance@scarlet.be

Thanks for your support… David & Christine.”

Additional info at: www.facebook.com/NoCompromiseMetalFest