January23 RATOS DE PORÃO Signs with ALPHA OMEGA Management

Brazilian legends and indisputable masters RATOS DE PORÃO (or simply RDP) have been commanding the punk/hardcore/crossover/thrash four-way scene since 1981, releasing so far 15 studio albums and several other efforts! Despite the changing trends and tastes, the band has kept and keeps holding the Pole Position, remaining resolutely uncompromising both musically and politically since the very beginning!

The band’s latest album “Século Sinistro” (2014, via Alternative Tentacles) is a real crossover thrash masterpiece of the ’80s with the taste of modern hardcore of our days! In spite of their long successful career, today the band is more active and hungry than ever and ready to deliver blast to their loyal fans while conquering new territories.

(translation): “Hello friends, it’s Gordo from Ratos De Porão here. We’ve played non stop for 35 years…we did several tours in Brazil, Europe, South America and only few US dates….but there are lots of people that know about us but never saw us live! So now, we’re with Alpha Omega and we hope to reach all those that never saw us yet, as well as our old fans and get RDP to new places and fans too. More news coming soon, stay tuned!”

ALPHA OMEGA’s South American head, Edu Lane, stated: “It’s an honor to be working together with such a legendary band! RDP is an institution of extreme music and together with Alpha Omega we’ll make them even bigger and get them to places they never been before. Beware!”

ALPHA OMEGA Management’s General Manager, Alex Azzali, adds: “We’re extremely thrilled and honored to welcome RATOS DE PORÃO to our Family! It’s really impossible to reassume their 35 years career with words, as RDP is a true institution, a musical movement which you feel in your guts! These legends are authentic and unpredictable; each new release is a new masterpiece with different flavors, kicking off with what sounds like a riot in the streets, and soon coming to town, near you! Stay connected and get ready for these rebels!”

More information at:
*BAND: www.ratosdeporao.orgwww.facebook.com/RatosdePoraoOficial
*MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement

Also check out RATOS DE PORAO videos:
*Século Sinistro 2014 (Full Album): https://youtu.be/qYPyEvvzlmA
*”Prenúncio de Treta”: https://youtu.be/vUQs7sEcEg4
*”Viciado Digital”: https://youtu.be/2OEnaT8Itb8